Wedding DJ & Entertainer Who’s Devoted To You!

Questions to ask your DJ?

It’s really important to meet face to face with your wedding DJ (there’s some awesome ones and some terrible ones out there – and you won’t necessarily be able to tell which is which by their website, recommendations, marketing etc.)

First impressions of a person are really important, imagine someone turning up to your wedding looking like Ian Beale in his homeless days


So meet up, give them a good grilling! And here are some questions to ask your DJ BEFORE Price:

(Equipment, PLI, PAT, backup should be a given. The above are essential and not of much interest to any bride. Having this will not give you the best party of the most important day of your life. Just like a builder’s toolbox and cement mixer won’t guarantee you a beautiful extension.)

What does your set up look like?

 (this is NOT a picture of mine) 

Do you specialise in weddings?

Do you have any RECENT testimonials? Preferably on video. And names with contact numbers supplied.

What unique ideas do you have for my reception?

How are you going find out what music my guests and we like?

Show me lots of pictures of weddings you have played at. No, not your decks.

Do you have a showreel video?

Do you have any inspiration to make our wedding different?

Can we ask for music, but still have your advice and experience to ensure our party rocks?

Will you communicate with our other wedding professionals on the day, to plan a timeline for our reception.

Will it be FUN?

Will it not be like any other wedding?

Will you create lots of photo ops and memories for us?

Is your price high enough to ensure that we’re dealing with a full time professional?

Are you familiar with our venue?

Have you worked with our photographer/videographer before?

Is your price too good to be true?

(If they are charging you £150 & then someone offers them £400 for a gig are they going to turn up to your wedding?)

Will you be available for phone calls and messages anytime leading up to W-day?

Will you listen to all our questions?

Will you be working elsewhere earlier on our wedding day?

Will you be DJing at our wedding in PERSON?

Will you be dressed to suit our tastes/occasion?

Will you respect our wishes regarding volume and lighting choices?

How many weddings have you performed at?

How many weddings do you do each year?

Are you going to make all the relevant announcements that are needed on your day, and how?

Will you NOT be talking or (worse) singing over the songs you are playing?

Will there be gaps between the songs or will you be mixing the music?

How will you ‘stage’ the first dance for us?

What ideas do you have for a spectacular ending of the party?

How will you motive our guests if no one’s dancing?

Can we have a ‘do NOT play’ list?

When do you arrive to set up?

How do you acquire your music?

How up to date is your music?

How soon should we book you?

And the all important question …… How much?