Wedding DJ & Entertainer Who’s Devoted To You!



Don’t think if you are getting a cheap DJ that your saving yourself money, they are cheap for a reason!

with 20 years of experience I believe my prices are fair, yes you can get a dj for £120 (you can also hire a speaker and a few lights and plug your phone in to it and do your own music for £50) 

I’m not here to say i’m better than anyone else, I’m just different to most!

I am devoted to making your wedding the best. 

At the majority of weddings I’ve played that there is always a handful of children running around, high on the sugar from the sweet cart, many DJ’s will just ignore them, and many DJ’s will be worried about them running in to there DJ stand. 

NOT ME, being a children’s entertainer, I will involve them, I will keep them amused as well as your guests.

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